The Best Kept Secrets of Great Communicators: Nine Secret Weapons to Shine Socially, Uncover Opportunities, and Be Perceived as Smarter, Sharper, and Savvier


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When we investigate the most powerful and influential people in the world, we discover that they all have something in common: effective communication. Using the principles of powerful communication, they developed the ability to influence others in a profound way, all the while winning both respect and admiration.

The powerful art of persuasion and effective communication extends beyond mere words. Body language, intention, positioning, and other factors play a significant part. Peter Thomson helps make the unconscious aspects of communication conscious and maximizes our persuasive powers so that we can become more charismatic and influential communicators.

In The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators,you will learn:

  • Active listening techniques and the impact they have on enhancing your personal and professional relationships
  • How to handle difficult communication situations with effectiveness
  • The hidden power of questions that can turn challenging situations into winning achievements
  • How to be more confident and persuasive in any endeavor that you pursue
  • Body language — how to spot whether people are lying or telling the truth


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